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Showcasing a variety of intuitively designed inflatable water toys, the official Blue Water Store features a versatile selection of Inflatable Paddle Boards and Decks. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and Inflatable Deck Rafts utilize the very best aspects of portability and durability. Regardless of whether you're paddling, fishing, practicing yoga or simply relaxing on the water, you'll have no shortage of activities to pursue when implementing an inflatable paddle board or deck designed by Blue Water Toys.

What Blue Water Toys Has To Offer:

Unlike traditional paddle boards that require an excessive amount of upkeep and storage space, Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards offer a seamless approach for on the go traveling. Overall convenience has been assured as each Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board includes a backpack that allows for near effortless transportation. Versatility has been bolstered with the inclusion of a hand pump that will allow owners to inflate their stand up paddle board within a few short minutes. Blue Water Toys has also addressed the importance of durability by coating each of their products with a laminated UV resistant high grade PVC material. This allows for a steady and rigid feel that's very reminiscent of the experience found in hardboard. The maximum in comfort has also been accounted for with the inclusion of a slip resistant EVA standing surface. Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are available in three sizes that feature their very own individual measurements.

An ideal addition for those looking to get the absolute most from their days and nights spent in the water, Inflatable Deck Rafts share many of the great attributes found in Blue Water's collection of paddle boards. The aspects of portability and durability remain essential as Blue Water Deck Rafts feature all of the properties of a stable deck and the comforts of a floating raft. These are an excellent summertime selection and will allow owners to walk, run or leap off a stable platform that's capable of steadily floating in the water. The availability of an Inflatable Wet Lounge Raft rounds out Blue Water's selection. Lounge Rafts include a resting net that invites owners to comfortably dip into the water. Inflatable Deck Rafts and Lounge Rafts are just another reason why Blue Water Toys represents the pinnacle of forward thinking in the water toy industry.

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Blue Water Toys has prioritized customer satisfaction and assures the very best shopping experience. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals that are readily available during business hours (9am-5pm Central Time) to answer any inquiry. Our shipping policies have also been implemented to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Most orders will ship the same or next business day from when your order is placed. If you need more information or have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Section.

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