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  • Are the inflatables durable, what makes Blue Water inflatables different from others?"
    Thousands of internal threads provide the rigidity needed for optimal on-water performance. Our SUP boards and Decks when inflated to 12 to 15 PSI are rigid and very durable. The manufacturing process we use assures top quality and performance by adding laminated PVC layers of high density polyethylene with a nylon base around the drop stitch material. Most manufacturers today only use drop stitch material and do not add the extra protection of PVC. Also as you can see in the illustration below we reinforce the edges with multiple layers of PVC. This additional process will ensure continued high performance and durability for as long as you own your Blue Water drop stitch product. Blue Water SUP's and Decks all include a comfortable slip resistant EVA standing surface.
  • How do I inflate my Stand Up Paddle Board or Deck and how long does it take?
    We recommend using the inflatable board or deck at a pressure between 12-15 psi. 15 psi gives you the best performance. Pump time varies by user but normally takes 3 to 6 minutes. Choose a smooth surface to assemble your board or roll out your deck. Remove the inflatable SUP board from the back pack and unroll it. Attach pressure gauge to hose and then attach pressure gauge to pump. Attach other end of hose to the inflation/deflation valve on the rear of the board as shown below. Stand the pump on hard, level ground and start to pump. The first time you inflate the SUP will require more effort than subsequent inflations. Make sure you keep your hands toward the center of the pump handles when pumping and your feet firmly on the footrest of pump. Please Note: DO NOT USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR. It will result in damage to the board, and will void all warranties. Maximum air pressure for this product is 15psi.
  • How do I deflate my Stand Up Paddle Board or Deck for transport?
    When you are ready to deflate your SUP (remove the fin first) or deck, unscrew the valve cover and gently push down the central valve head. Once the main pressure has decreased, push down all the way and twist the valve head. This will lock the valve open and allow all air to escape from the board while you roll it up for storage. Clean and check the inflatable as well as all the accessories. Make sure the inflatable is completely dry before putting it away. Make sure that no sand or gravel remains inside the inflatable or between the hull and the inner chambers. For the SUP, roll the board up starting from the nose with the deck pad on the inside and the fins will then be on the outside. This roll direction prevents damage to the flexible composite EVA deck pad. Once rolled up completely, place into backpack.
  • Where should I store my Blue Water inflatable?
    Blue Water Toys inflatable SUP board and decks are manufactured with UV resistant PVC to provide superior protection from ultraviolet light. However, to ensure extra years of flexibility and bright colors, avoid storing your inflatable where it will be exposed to weather or in direct sunlight. Please review the following list for storage and maintenance tips. Before storing, hose off the inflatable and let it dry completely to prevent mildew buildup. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Most dirt can be removed with a mild soap and fresh water. Do not store in extreme conditions (above 150F or below -10F). Store in a clean dry place. When storing the inflatable for prolonged periods in a deflated status it is best to keep it loosely rolled, or if possible unroll it completely. Do not leave the in direct sunlight as this may cause fading over a prolonged period. For the inflatable SUP boards, remove the fin before rolling up the board - You may experience some fin bend when travelling with the board in its bag. Fins can be easily straightened using either the natural heat from the sun or heat from a hair dryer or hot water. The longer the fins have been bent, the longer it will take to straighten them.
  • I think I might have an air leak in my inflatable, what should I do?"
    If you are losing air pressure, not caused by colder temperatures, check the board for leaks, staring with the valves. A leaking valve is rare, but if you do find a leak a replacement valve is available to order. To locate a leak, we recommend a mixing of soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray around the valve. If you see bubbles forming, check your valve seating and base and be sure the valve insert is screwed tight. If you can continue to have problems, it is probably time to order a new valve. Contact Customer Service at 1-952-953-6140 for a replacement.
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